Anesthesia is an important part of your out-patient surgery at Iowa City ASC. Anesthesiologists are involved in your care before, during and after surgery. Their main objective is to provide comfort and safety during your surgical procedures. They deliver medications and/or non-pharmacologic adjuncts (therapy that does not involve the use of drugs), to help decrease your pain sensation to part or the entire part of your body; induce sedation; or induce full or partial amnesia so that patient doesn’t perceive and/or remember what is going on around them during their procedure.

Anesthesia that may be administered at Iowa City ASC might include:

    • Local anesthesia – A local anesthetic is a medication that produces numbness in the area where it is injected. The numbness helps prevent or reduce pain and sensation at the area of injection.
    • General anesthesia – General anesthesia describes a state in which the patient lacks awareness and is unable to sense pain. The most common delivery method is inhalation after an intravenous (IV) injection is given to the patient. The patient breathes in the anesthesia gases, which are absorbed by the lungs then delivered to the brain and spinal cord.

Our team of Anesthesiologists will monitor your anesthesia process carefully to help you have the best outcomes during your surgical procedure at Iowa City ASC.

Benefits of Surgery at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center:

  • Cost savings for you and your insurance company
  • Patient-centered care tailored to your needs
  • Award winning, quality care
  • Easy to schedule your procedure
  • Less exposure to patients with other types of infection or serious illness

Take the Stress Out of Surgery

This resource can help answer your questions and provide a variety of tips to help reduce your stress prior to surgery.

By downloading “Take the Stress out of Surgery,” you will learn:

  • That what your are feeling is normal
  • 5 tips to reduce stress before surgery
  • Practical ideas that you can implement now

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