The most common types of Podiatry surgery performed at Iowa City ASC include bunion, hammertoe, and toe fusion surgeries.


A bunion is a deformity of the foot consisting of both bone and soft tissue. A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of your big toe where it connects with a foot bone called the first metatarsal. This causes your big toe to point toward your second toe. Bunions can be a very painful condition. Bunion removal at Iowa City ASC is an outpatient surgical procedure that corrects the deformed area near the big toe.


A hammertoe is when a toe becomes bent upward in the middle causing it to resemble a hammer. It is a toe deformity that may require surgery if there is pain even after non-surgical treatment. Hammertoes often occur in conjunction with other toe problems. There are a number of surgical techniques that can be performed at Iowa City ASC to correct the type of hammertoe condition that you might have. Read more about hammertoe surgery at Iowa City ASC. 

Toe Fusion

Toe fusion is performed at Iowa City ASC for a variety of conditions such as hammer, claw, or mallet toes. This surgery is often considered if you have another toe condition caused by the deformity, you have a disease that caused the deformity, or a previous toe deformity comes back after a previous surgery. Read more about toe fusion surgery at Iowa City ASC.

Podiatry surgeries at Iowa City ASC are performed in an outpatient environment. This provides a cost-effective surgical option without sacrificing the quality of care you or your child will receive. The Iowa City ASC surgeons are demonstrated leaders, committed to providing our patients with the latest surgical techniques. They are supported by a team of professionals ranging from anesthesiology to your nursing team.


  • Cost savings for you and your insurance company
  • Patient-centered care tailored to your needs
  • Award-winning, quality care
  • Easy to schedule your procedure
  • Less exposure to patients with other types of infection or serious illness

Opt to Have Your Surgical Procedure Performed at an ASC

Our team at Iowa City ASC compiled some helpful stats and figures that highlight the cost savings between hospitals and ASCs. If you are curious about the cost difference between hospitals and ASCs, download our resource and find out how you can save money on your healthcare!

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