At Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center (Iowa City ASC) we value expert clinical care but one of the things everyone values at our center is the culture. We are a team and a family. Our nurses, front office staff, central sterilization staff, radiology technicians and engineers all work collaboratively to make the ASC a positive place. It’s more than a job for each of us, its home away from home. We understand and care about each other, our patients and our providers, this environment spills over into the patient care areas.  Our patient’s notice and sense the positive atmosphere and appreciate being in a smaller environment.

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Nursing at the Iowa City Ambulatory Surgery Center (Iowa City ASC) is a unique and fulfilling experience. Our nurses are given the opportunity to practice evidenced based clinical care in an environment of respect and trust. We value each of our staff and encourage holistic person centered care (both for themselves and their patients).

We currently have 38 nurses on staff, educational levels include;

  • 21 A.D.N or Diploma prepared
  • 16 with BSN degrees
  • Several who are actively working on completing their BSN (current ADN)
  • 1 Masters in Hospital Administration

The Iowa City ASC offers tuition reimbursement and encourages education.  We also value certification and have established learning groups for nurses desiring unit specific certifications. We currently have 8 CNOR (certified nurse operating room) with several more studying for the exam – our goal is to have at least 50% of our staff certified in their specific field. The center provides monetary compensation for our nurses to obtain their certification. A clinical ladder program promoting expert clinical and philanthropic care has been established for our staff. To date there are 5 staff nurses who have successfully completed their advanced Clinical Ladder requirements.

The practices of patient centered care are guided by these principles at the Iowa City ASC:


The skills and knowledge to assist in the delivery of quality patient care centering on the respect and dignity of each patient.

Information, Communication and Education

Each is vital components of providing individual patient centered care. We acknowledge that each nurse accepts ownership for personal actions, decisions and outcomes but encourage and value their ability to use standard evidence based information to provide strong clinical care. At the ICASC we offer our nurses tools to deliver positive clinical patient care. Programs available to our staff include ongoing continuing education, national memberships in nursing specialty societies, and compensation for national certifications. Staff is encouraged to continue to learn and provide comprehensive best practices in a holistic manner for each patient.

Participation and Collaboration

Each patient and family partnerships are encouraged to be active participants in their care and decisions related to their healthcare needs.

Physical Comfort and Emotional Support

Each patient will be provided comfort and support during their pre-op, surgical, and post-operative experience. Our nurses are empowered to make best patient care decisions; they will assist and guide you and your family partnership with your needs.

Patient Advocacy; Involvement of Family and Friends

Each patient is encouraged to involve at least 1 family member or friend in their care. The nurses at the ICASC will work with each patient to provide individualized education and appropriate care techniques. While some patients want and need much support, others desire privacy and space. Your nurse will be your personal advocate and will help create an environment best suited to your needs.

Coordination of Care

Each patient at the ICASC has an individualized plan of care with goals for recovery. Your healthcare teams will work together to assure that needs are met, and that your goal as well as ours of a positive outcome and return to “normal” lifestyle is achieved.

Nursing Mission Statement

To create and establish an environment of compassionate and expert patient centered care using evidence based outcomes, while promoting positive working relationships among all healthcare providers, so that each patient and family partnership experiences health and healing.

  • At 9 months old, Logan began having chronic ear problems. He went from his energetic self to chronic pain. By three years old Logan was a new kid. His surgeries at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center had restored his energy and relieved his pain. Logan’s mom said he had a very positive outcome and she noted how compassionate and caring the Iowa City ASC staff was.

    Logan - ENT Patient
  • Dave Scholz has been a mountain bike addict and adventure seeker for over 20 years. At the age of 40 he suffered a rotator cuff injury after a ski accident then went on to re-injure his shoulder. After his last surgery he came to Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center. He loved the convenience of Iowa City ASC, his ability to easily schedule, and the follow up of the Iowa City ASC staff after the surgery.

    Dave - Orthopedic Patient
  • The care I experienced at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center was excellent. Everyone was friendly, nice and made my experience convenient…I would suggest to others that they consider Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center for their operation. It’s all around a better experience whether it’s cataract surgery or any other procedure you can have.

    Dr. Don Merryman - Cataract Patient
  • My overall experience was great! If I ever have any back issues again, I would no doubt feel comfortable going back to Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center. The pain I experienced the morning before my surgery was gone after my surgery when I woke up and went to post-op. I couldn’t believe that in a few short hours I could feel like myself again. Everyone at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center was very kind, knew what they were doing and I could tell they enjoyed working there. In my eyes, the Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center is top notch.

    Courtney Mauer - Spine Patient
  • When we arrived at Iowa City ASC early in the morning for my knee surgery I was met by a team of people who seemed glad to be at work and glad that I was in their facility. Their overall desire to discuss what they needed from me and to assist in meeting my needs was a welcomed situation. Each person truly impressed me with their professionalism and attitude.  The team was attentive to the situation at hand and I feel that contributed to the overall success of my surgery at Iowa City ASC.  I did not even know that my Knee Surgery was the first of this type performed at the ASC until we were ready to go home a few hours after surgery when it was mentioned in passing. The Iowa City ASC team made it seem as though this was an ongoing procedure or process so they should be applauded. Their experience, professionalism, training and smiles made my surgery at Iowa City ASC a success.

    John Weber
  • Very friendly admin staff, nursing staff, pre & post-op care was excellent along with Dr. Dery and surgery staff who performed the injections on my neck. I was very pleased with the care and would recommend your facility to others. Thank you for your time and efforts during my visit.

    Neck Procedure Patient
  • I really enjoyed the people there. From the front desk when I checked in to the time I left, everyone was very caring and attentive to the things I needed. I appreciated all the smiling faces in a place that was originally very scary for me. I didn't get a chance to thank everyone but I hope they all know how much I appreciated their generosity and comfort. It was the first surgery I've ever had and the first one my mom has had to go through with a child and I know she was just as pleased with everything as I was.

    First Time Surgery Patient
  • I have had the misfortune for 42 years to have to deal with countless medical facilities and medical teams. A dozen surgeries, 15-18 procedures, etc. I will tell you that the lion share of them have been positive experiences. Iowa City ASC and the team that cared for me stood out amongst them all. EVERY single person was over the top fantastic! I have never been treated with such kindness, compassion, and great care as I was the morning I was there. EVERY single person made me feel like I was their long lost best friend. I felt as though I was the only person they had to work with that day. It was a fantastic experience. I must say I do hope I don't ever have to see your facility again but if I'm in need I will go nowhere else.

    Very Satisfied Patient


Thank you for your interest in Iowa City ASC! We are always interested in adding compassionate and skilled individuals to our team. We offer competitive compensation and an excellent benefits package for full-time employees (at least 32 hours per week) including health, dental, long term disability, short term disability, life insurance, 401K, and PayFlex. Part-time employees (at least 20 hours per week) receive health insurance, dental insurance, 401K, and PayFlex.