Spine Surgery In Iowa City, Iowa

Spine pain can be debilitating and intrusive in a patient’s life. At Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center (Iowa City ASC), we understand that when you are faced with the need for spine surgery you want to get back to a better standard of living, where pain is not stopping you from doing the things you love.

The Iowa City ASC spine surgeons are taking spine surgery to the next level of excellence with their experience and expertise. They are committed to providing patients with the best care using state-of-the-art equipment, instruments, and implants.

Outpatient spine surgery provided at the Iowa City ASC improves upon the traditional spine surgery procedure by offering a solution for patients who don’t want to recover in a hospital setting. Many patients can safely have their procedure done in an outpatient surgical setting. For our cervical disc fusion patients, we provide a comfortable private suite for their overnight stay.


“Dr. Overton and I are excited to now offer our patients more convenient and affordable options for spine surgery on an outpatient basis. Spine Surgery has shown outstanding safety and efficacy in the ambulatory setting. We appropriately select patients using sound surgical indications and dedicate ourselves to great care of each individual patient. Spine procedures performed at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center can restore your function more quickly.”

Dr. Ben MacLennan, M.D. and Dr. Brent Overton, M.D.

Common spine procedures performed at Iowa City ASC include but are not limited to:

  • Microdiscectomy.  Click here to read more about this procedure.
  • Discectomy
  • Laminectomy (Single & Two-Level)
  • Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion

Patients meeting physical and anesthesia criteria can benefit from spine surgery at Iowa City ASC.


  • Cost savings for you and your insurance company
  • Patient-centered care tailored to your needs
  • Award winning, quality care
  • Easy to schedule your procedure
  • Less exposure to patients with other types of infection or serious illness

Click here to read Courtney Mauer’s story about her spine surgery experience at Iowa City ASC.


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  • At 9 months old, Logan began having chronic ear problems. He went from his energetic self to chronic pain. By three years old Logan was a new kid. His surgeries at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center had restored his energy and relieved his pain. Logan’s mom said he had a very positive outcome and she noted how compassionate and caring the Iowa City ASC staff was.

    Logan - ENT Patient
  • Dave Scholz has been a mountain bike addict and adventure seeker for over 20 years. At the age of 40 he suffered a rotator cuff injury after a ski accident then went on to re-injure his shoulder. After his last surgery he came to Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center. He loved the convenience of Iowa City ASC, his ability to easily schedule, and the follow up of the Iowa City ASC staff after the surgery.

    Dave - Orthopedic Patient
  • The care I experienced at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center was excellent. Everyone was friendly, nice and made my experience convenient…I would suggest to others that they consider Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center for their operation. It’s all around a better experience whether it’s cataract surgery or any other procedure you can have.

    Dr. Don Merryman - Cataract Patient
  • My overall experience was great! If I ever have any back issues again, I would no doubt feel comfortable going back to Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center. The pain I experienced the morning before my surgery was gone after my surgery when I woke up and went to post-op. I couldn’t believe that in a few short hours I could feel like myself again. Everyone at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center was very kind, knew what they were doing and I could tell they enjoyed working there. In my eyes, the Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center is top notch.

    Courtney Mauer - Spine Patient


ACL tears and labrum tears are two common orthopedic injuries experienced by sport lovers. Dr. Langland, an arthroscopy orthopedic surgeon at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center, discusses these injuries and what to expect if you are injured.

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  • Two common injuries – ACL and labrum tears
  • Tips to avoid injury
  • Healing time after an injury
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Outpatient Spine Surgery

Outpatient microdiscectomy is ideal for the right candidate because this surgery is minimally invasive and the gets patients back on their feet immediately after surgery.

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Courtney Mauer came to Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center to repair herniated discs in her spine.

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