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Benefits Of Outpatient Total Knee Replacement

Posted by iowacityasc on May 29, 2020 2:28:03 PM

Having a total knee replacement (also referred to as arthroplasty) is something that used to keep patients in the hospital for weeks. However, as medical technology progresses, so do the options that patients have when it comes to certain types of surgeries.

Same-day knee replacement procedures have changed the patient experience, and it appears to be something that will become more commonplace as time progresses.

While having a knee replacement done at a hospital may be necessary in some cases, having it done at an ambulatory surgery center is something worthy of your consideration.

Are Same-Day Knee Replacements A Safe And Reliable Choice?

There is no scientific evidence showing that knee replacement at ASCs poses a significant risk to patients in comparison to knee replacements done within an inpatient facility. If there is a treatment plan in place before and after the surgery, it’s safe and complications are minimal.

It is important to keep in mind that keeping your ASC informed of any complications or discomfort is the only way to receive the best treatment possible. An open line of communication is essential, regardless of what type of medical procedure one might be undergoing.

How Might I Benefit From Having An Outpatient Total Knee Replacement?

While inpatient surgery is still the most common approach to this procedure, it’s no secret that outpatient options are growing in popularity. This is due to benefits such as the ones that are listed below:

  • Affordability is embraced by delivering decreased costs.

In an outpatient setting, surgery costs are usually more affordable for patients. It is not only due to a decreased amount of time a patient must be under observation, but more refined processes that still provide quality treatment while minimizing expenses. Keep in mind that knee replacement surgery is the same within both settings, so there is no exposure to risk or a lower level of care.

  • Less risk of post-surgical infections and other complications.

A study was done by the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics that has shown that complications are more common for those who underwent knee replacement surgery and have a hospital stay of 3 days or more. Whereas same-day surgery options provide a lesser risk of both complications as well as post-surgical infections. This has a lot to do with the difference in approaches between the two.

  • Recovery can be shorter and more comfortable at home.

By being able to exercise sooner after undergoing same-day knee replacement surgery, recovery time is a lot faster than it is when undergoing surgery during an inpatient stay. It is important to keep in mind that physical therapy needs to be done in most cases to ensure the best recovery possible, but this does not prolong the recovery time by any means.

How Could I Have My Total Knee Replacement Surgery In An Outpatient Setting?

To have a knee replacement done at an ambulatory surgery center like Iowa City ASC, you must be referred by your physician to a surgeon who has operates in the facility.

Talk with your doctor about the options that you have and which one would be the best for your situation. At Iowa City ASC, we strive to provide the best care and will ensure that your doctor’s recommendations are met!

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