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ICASC Named a Top 3 ASC by Newsweek Magazine

Posted by iowacityasc on Dec 02, 2022 2:02:58 PM

With over 5000 ambulatory surgical centers in the United States, patients can sometimes have a hard time selecting the highest-rated care settings. That’s why Iowa City ASC is thrilled to have been ranked as a top three ambulatory surgical center by Newsweek Magazine. This exceptional ranking recognizes the high quality of care delivered at Iowa City ASC–and makes it easy for patients to feel confident in their outpatient care choices.

And as the #3 ranked ASC in the Midwest, Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center is here to help patients achieve better outcomes, enjoy a higher quality of life, and get back to the activities that they love–faster.


Ranked #3 in the United States–and the Midwest

In 2022, Iowa City ASC achieved a #3 rank in America’s Best Ambulatory Surgical Centers Report, a project by Newsweek and statista research and analysis services. This report awards only the top 10% of the 5000 ASCs in the United States with rankings.

The report started in part because ambulatory surgical centers have become more popular than ever and continue to grow every year. At these facilities, patients can undergo a wide variety of outpatient procedures. The goal of an ASC is to provide patients with a more convenient and effective alternative to hospital surgical facilities. In general, surgery performed in an ASC setting tends to generate more positive outcomes, fewer complications, and higher patient satisfaction.

As the only ASC in Iowa to make the Newsweek report, and the #3 ASC facility in the midwest, Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center offers patients some of the region’s highest quality care in a friendly, comfortable setting.

How Were the Winners Decided?

The rankings in America’s Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers of 2023 report were derived from two primary sources. The first source was a national survey of healthcare professionals. The second was an analysis of specific key performance indicators (or KPIs).

  • Professional survey: The survey component made up 67% of the overall scores and rankings. Questions were asked of nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals in an online setting. Some questions revolved around overall quality, others around recommendations, and still more about Covid-19. The responses were synthesized into a reputation score.
  • KPI measurements: The other 33% of the overall score was composed of objective analysis of several key statistics. These statistics included hospital visits after orthopedic procedures, improvements after cataract surgery, procedure outcomes, and more. Over seven datasets were analyzed, creating an overall quality measurement score.

The process examined over 5000 ambulatory surgery centers–including, for the first time, at least one ASC in every state. Once the scores were tabulated, the report was released to the public.

Helping Patients Decide on Care Options

The report from Newsweek and statista is designed to serve multiple purposes. However, the primary purpose for patients is clear: This report can help you select the best possible venue for your next outpatient procedure.

For most patients, this will mean discussing a referral to an ASC with your physician. Not all patients are a good fit for procedures at an ambulatory surgery center. However, for those patients who are referred to an ASC, this particular setting offers:

  • A more comfortable atmosphere. Iowa City ASC, for example, is easy to get to and easy to navigate–which means you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the confusing hallways of a hospital.
  • A higher staff-to-patient ratio. This also means that you will not have to wait in a crowded waiting area, for example. And that limits the possibility of exposure to non-related disease, such as Covid-19 or influenza.
  • Better outcomes. In general, surgery performed at an ASC is less likely to result in infections or other complications.
  • Lower costs. Because ASCs tend to have a lower overhead than hospitals, savings are often passed along to patients. This means your out-of-pocket costs for an outpatient surgery may be lower in an ASC setting.

With multiple ASCs to choose from in any given region, however, patients may have a hard time knowing which ASCs are delivering the best care. The Newsweek/statista report will help patients identify high quality options, such as Iowa City ASC.

What Makes Iowa City ASC Special?

While we’re honored by our #3 ranking within this Newsweek/statista report, we can’t say we’re surprised. Iowa City ASC has been dedicated to delivering world-class care since we opened our doors.

  • We place a unique and strong emphasis on patients. We’re dedicated to your health and wellness–as well as getting you back to the activities you love.
  • Everyone on the team is empowered to help patients. From reception staff to surgeons, everyone on the team matters at Iowa City ASC–and that shows in fantastic care for patients.
  • The Iowa City ASC team is invested in the health and wellness of the community. Our team is always organizing events that will help make our communities happier and healthier.
  • Our sense of humor. Not every situation lends itself to a joke, but we try to help out patients and our staff alike keep spirits high and look on the bright side.

Procedures Performed at Iowa City ASC

While ASCs in general will perform similar procedures, there is some variation–even among the 500 top ranked ASCs in the country. Some of the most popular procedures at Iowa City ASC include the following:

  • Plastic surgery procedures
  • ENT procedures, such as tonsillectomy
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Sleep apnea therapy (placing the Inspire Sleep Apnea treatment device)
  • Spine surgery and pain management surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • And more!

Whether you need your knee replaced, a catheter inserted, or facelift, Iowa City ASC can provide you with the region’s leading outpatient surgery options.

Committed to Improving Care

At Iowa City ASC, we’re committed to continually improving patient care. So while we’re thrilled to be recognized by the 2023 Newsweek/statista report, that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels. In fact, we’re committed to helping you get even better care in the future!

If you have questions about your care or about how you can get an appointment at Iowa City ASC, contact us today or talk to your doctor about a referral to the region’s #3 ranked ambulatory surgery center.

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