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Is An ASC Right For Me?

Posted by iowacityasc on Jul 23, 2019 2:44:12 PM

What’s an ASC?

Maybe you’ve heard of ambulatory surgical centers before, but even if you have, there’s still a high chance you are unsure whether an ASC is right for you.

For starters, it’s important to know exactly what an ASC is, even if you have some background knowledge. So let’s answer the main question: What is an ASC?

An ambulatory surgical center is a facility that offers outpatient medical services.

What does ‘outpatient’ mean? Outpatient is a form of care that allows patients to return home the same day as their care, as opposed to traditional ‘inpatient’ care that is traditionally associated with hospitals.

ASCs specialize in outpatient care because they offer cutting-edge procedures for patients that allow them to recover from the comfort of their home.

Advantages of ASCs

At this point you are probably wondering if there are advantages to outpatient care and ASCs. While hospitals and their inpatient care provide invaluable and often necessary healthcare services, ASCs offer numerous benefits for the right kind of patients.

Most importantly, perhaps, outpatient surgical procedures are cutting-edge and offer patients innovative care. For example, Iowa City ASC offers unicompartmental knee replacement surgery, or partial knee replacement.

This procedure, like others offered at Iowa City ASC and other ASCs, allows patients to receive the care they need through a less intensive procedure that does not require an overnight stay in the hospital.

While these procedures are widely and successfully performed at ASCs around the country, it is necessary that the patient meets certain criteria in order to receive care at an ASC.

Steps toward receiving care at an ASC

 If you’re interested in having a surgical procedure done at an ASC, there are a few pieces of information you should know beforehand.

First, talking with your doctor about your recommended surgery is important. If your procedure is of a more serious nature and requires hospitalization for the sake of your safety, an ASC is not right for you.

However, if your recommended surgical procedure is less intensive and does not require hospitalization, there is a strong chance an ASC is a reasonable option.

Talking with your doctor about electing to have your procedure done at an ASC is an important next step. If you’ve been given a green light, consulting your local ASC is next.

Our dedicated healthcare professionals at Iowa City ASC can help you further determine whether an ASC is right for you by examining your case, risk of infection, and other health details.

Another necessary detail that will determine whether an ASC is right for you is your home life.

If you have a spouse or family member living with you who is capable of caring for you after your procedure, your recovery process will go smoothly and as planned. Since you return home the same day, having the proper care from a loved one at home is necessary to make sure accidents do not occur.

Choosing Iowa City ASC

If you’ve recently been recommended to have surgery by your doctor, it’s wise to consider your options.

Unless your procedure requires hospitalization and intensive care, consider having your procedure done at an ASC. If you’re an eligible candidate for an outpatient procedure, an ASC is right for you.

Contact Iowa City ASC for consultation on your needed procedure. Our team of expert healthcare providers will give you the necessary guidance to determine your next steps.

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