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How Does Plastic Surgery and Health Insurance Work?

Plastic surgery is both reconstructive and cosmetic in nature therefore it is hard to know what Health Insurance will cover and what it will not. That’s because there are plenty of times when a plastic surgery procedure will improve how you function or will prove medically beneficial. In these cases, your health insurance may help you cover the costs.


In this brand new resource, you’ll discover:

  • What plastic surgery procedures are likely to be covered by your insurance
  • Which procedures are likely not to be covered by your insurance
  • Which procedures exist in a gray area between the two
  • Resources designed to help you predict what may or may not be covered by health insurance.


Whether health insurance will cover the plastic surgery procedure you’re considering or not, it’s important to have a clear concept of your financial responsibility early in the process. The more you know, the better you can plan.


Download this free resource today to better understand how health insurance and plastic surgery interact–and what you can expect.

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Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction: Your Questions Answered!

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