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Discover What to Expect From Your Total Hip Replacement

A patient who is anticipating total hip replacement surgery is likely to have a lot of questions. That’s understandable. Total hip arthroplasty is designed to provide you with a significant boost in mobility and quality of life–but it’s also a major outpatient operation.

This downloadable resource can give you valuable insight into what you can expect–before, during, and after your hip replacement surgery. The more information you have today, the better prepared you’ll be to meet with your orthopedic team and ask the right questions.

Discover answers to common hip replacement questions and gain insight into what you should expect from your procedure.

Download this resource today!

Your total hip replacement answers are here!

Thank you for downloading “Total Hip Replacement,” a free resource designed to answer common hip arthroplasty questions. If you’re a patient who’s anticipating a total hip replacement, this resource can provide you with valuable insight into what to expect from your procedure.

If you want to know more about having your hip arthroplasty procedure performed at an ASC, contact Iowa City Ambulatory Surgery Center today, or ask your orthopedic team for a referral.

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