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The #1 Ambulatory Surgery Center in Iowa is Iowa City ASC

Posted by iowacityasc on Jan 16, 2024 1:30:28 PM

At Iowa City Ambulatory Surgery Center, we always aim to deliver high quality care to patients during every interaction and procedure. That’s why we were honored to say, for the second year in a row, Iowa City Ambulatory Surgery Center has been selected as a top ranked ASC in the United States! Patients of Iowa City ASC are receiving the #1 ranked ASC care in all of Iowa!

At Iowa City ASC, you’ll find exceptional surgical services, friendly staff, and a convenient location combine to create an amazing surgery experience. The team at Iowa City ASC is dedicated to helping you feel better–and getting you back to your everyday life faster. We’re here to help you enjoy hikes again, to run errands without pain, or to get back to being self-sufficient.

As an ambulatory surgery center, Iowa City ASC primarily offers outpatient surgery services. This means that you’ll return home the same day as your procedure.

Top Ranked ASC By Newsweek Magazine

There are thousands of operating ambulatory surgery centers throughout the United States (and likely dozens or more in Iowa alone). For four years running, Newsweek Magazine has partnered with statistical analysis firm Statista to gather the very best of those in a list they call (appropriately) America’s Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

The 2024 rankings include over 550 ASCs across all 50 states. We’re thrilled to report that Iowa City Ambulatory Surgery Center is now:

  • The #1 ranked ASC in all of Iowa.
  • The #5 ranked ASC in the Midwest category.

These rankings are compiled in several ways. Surgeons and physicians are of course surveyed, but so are patients. Together, provider expertise and patient experience (along with overall patient care statistics) are weighted to provide a final score to each ASC.

Because there are thousands of ASCs throughout the United States, it can be difficult for patients to make informed choices about where they’d like to undergo their procedure. These rankings help to make those choices easier–after all, patients at Iowa City ASC can now feel confident that they are receiving some of the best outpatient surgical care throughout Iowa!

What This Means for Patients of Iowa City ASC

Patients at Iowa City Ambulatory Surgery Center can continue to expect the highest levels of care. As the #1 ranked ambulatory surgery center in Iowa, Iowa City ASC can provide a wide range of outpatient surgical services delivered with the highest care. Those services include:

  • Cataract Surgery.
  • ENT Surgeries.
  • Plastic surgery procedures.
  • Knee replacement surgery.
  • Hip replacement surgery.
  • Shoulder arthroscopy.
  • ACL repair.
  • Sleep apnea treatment with Inspire sleep therapy.
  • Pain management procedures.
  • And more!

With very few exceptions, during each of these procedures, patients will be able to return home for the duration of their recovery and recuperation. This improves outcomes (and, often, expenses) for patients who undergo these procedures.

The team at Iowa City ASC aims to make every outpatient experience a convenient and friendly one–so that patients can focus the majority of their energy on their health, wellness, and recovery.

Talk to Your Doctor Today!

If you want to have your next outpatient procedure performed at the top ranked Iowa City ASC, be sure to talk to your provider about a referral. We work with providers to make sure each and every Iowa City ASC patient is in the right place to receive the surgical care they need.

We may have achieved a top ranking for 2024–but at Iowa City ASC, we’re dedicated to constantly improving. Which means we’re working on bringing even more high quality services and experiences to you in the next year–and beyond!


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