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Utilizing ASCs: Choosing Successful Outcomes

Posted by iowacityasc on Sep 13, 2019 8:42:18 AM

Care providers have a lot to keep track of these days. There isn’t enough time in the day to give each patient every ounce of thoughtful attention they deserve, and many days it probably feels like you’re running on empty.

The best you can aim to do is provide the best care you can for patients, treat them kindly and with respect, and look for ways to enhance successful outcomes.

Successful outcomes translate into better quality of care for patients, and they create a better environment for care providers that allows them to be more successful in practicing medicine.

In the world of healthcare, care is an intrinsic attribute, since care providers naturally prioritize giving patients the care and attention they need. While providing care, however, physicians—natural problem solvers—are constantly searching for new options to give them a cutting edge in the mercurial world of healthcare.

Things are constantly changing in healthcare, and the everyday hustle and bustle of a hospital or clinic setting can distract the natural evolution of care a provider and their team achieves. However, despite the daily onslaught of tasks and responsibilities, seeking out new ways to provide successful outcomes should be a top priority.

As healthcare continues to evolve, revolutionary procedures and modes of care are being developed to help provide more successful outcomes. Although ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) are not a new phenomenon, the procedures performed in ASCs are pushing the boundaries, allowing patients to receive the care they need while reaping the rewards of outpatient care.

The benefits of outpatient care at ASCs are centered around healthcare’s constant need for successful outcomes. Outpatient care in the ASC setting provide opportunities for patients to receive benefits such as cutting-edge procedures, home-based rehabilitation, and a safer environment to receive their care.

Infection rates at ASCs are lower than traditional hospitals. While hospitals in the United States have infection rates of just under 1%, ASCs pose even more impressive numbers; they have infections rates of about 1/10th of a percent of those found in hospitals. The low infection rates of hospitals is impressive and encouraging, but the difference between ASCs and hospitals is stark.

If eligible for outpatient care, and if shown the difference in infection rates which could lead to a more successful outcome for their care, patients are likely more eager to receive care at an ASC. Patients aren’t the only people who benefit from the low rates of infection at ASCs, though. This benefits patients and providers alike.

Care providers are always looking for ways to provider more successful outcomes for their patients, and ASCs offer a setting that can be more conducive to successful outcomes. Those successful outcomes are based on safe operating environments, effective, cutting-edge outpatient procedures, and they result in satisfied, healthy patients.

If you’re considering alternative options for providing care for your patients, consider Iowa City ASC. Our facility and team are dedicated to providing the very best outpatient care that offers patients the surgical procedures they need. We are dedicated to achieving successful outcomes for our patient and healthcare providers. Like other ASCs, we are an excellent choice for care providers because of our extremely low infection rates, implementation of revolutionary outpatient procedures, and commitment to quality care.

As a care provider, you care about helping your patients receive the care they need and providing them with successful outcomes. Ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) provide a prime healthcare setting that is conducive to successful outcomes. With extremely low infection rates and implementation of cutting-edge outpatient surgical procedures, ASCs provide successful outcomes for patients and providers alike.

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