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The #1 Ambulatory Surgery Center in Iowa is Iowa City ASC

What to Expect from Your Cataracts Surgery Recovery

Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction

ICASC Named a Top 3 ASC by Newsweek Magazine

All Things Breast Event

Iowa City Welcomes Plastic Surgeon Dr. Iryna Chesnokova

How to Stay Active (and Safe) in Iowa City this Summer!

How to Take Advantage of Ambulatory Care

Shoulder Arthroscopy

How To Maintain A Healthy Urinary Tract

Am I Passing Kidney Stones?

Pain Management

(Optimized) Tips To Avoid Injury During Winter Sports

(Optimized) Sleep Expectations vs Reality

What’s Going On Back There?

Iowa City OBGYN

Iowa City ASC Wins 2020 Patient Experience Award

What Is The Urolift Procedure?

How To Choose The Best Knee Surgeon

What is The Right Age For Knee Replacement Surgery?

How Is Life After A Totel Knee Replacement

Is Knee Replacement Surgery Worth It?

Take The Stress Out Of Surgery

Help Others With Your Patient Review

Outpatient Total Hip Replacement Available at Iowa City ASC

Blood Drive 9/3/20 At Noon!

Benefits Of Outpatient Total Knee Replacement

Is Partial Knee Replacement Surgery For Me?

Inspire Therapy: A New Treatment For Sleep Apnea

Does My Child Have An Ear Infection?

COVID-19 Virus Update

Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center Is In Need Of Cloth Masks

Iowa City ASC Receives National Recognition, CNOR Strong Designation

Utilizing ASCs: Choosing Successful Outcomes

Care Providers and Patient Rights: Empowering The Patient Experience

Congressman Loesback Visits Iowa City ASC

Sleep Apnea: Signs, Symptoms, And Next Steps

The ASC Advantage; Successful Outcomes And Infection Rates

How To Exercise Your Patient Rights And Engage With Your Healthcare

What You Need To Know About Choosing A Care Provider

Patients’ Rights: What You Need To Know

Get The Sleep You Need: CPAP Device Alternatives

Everything You Need To Know About Hernias

ASCs: A Solution For Successful Outcomes

Is An ASC Right For Me?

Your Options For Relief: Everything You Need To Know About Pain Management

Everything You Need To Know About Cataracts And Cataract Surgery At Iowa City ASC

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement: An Easier Alternative

Tips For Taking The Stress Out Of Surgery

What’s An ASC

An Affordable Solution: ASCs And The Cost Of Healthcare

By The Numbers: The Heathcare Savings And Cost-Effectiveness Of ASCs

Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center Performs First Outpatient Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

5 Ways You Can Mentally Prepare Yourself For Surgery

Ear Infections In Children: Common Symptoms You Should Know

Why An ASC Could Be The Best Options For Your Surgery

Ambulatory Surgical Centers – A Great Option For Patients

Iowa City ASC Was Awarded The “Coolest Places To Work” Award

Beat The End Of Year Rush For Surgery

The Ultimate Sleep Tips For CPAP Users

Sleep Apnea Inspire Therapy Explained

Why Am I Struggling With My CPAP Device

Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

Treating My Child’s Ear Infection

Ear Infection Symptoms And Next Steps

When Should I Take My Child To An ENT Specialist ?

Should I Have Cataract Surgery?

I Was Diagnosed With Cataracts. Now What

What Happens During Cataract Surgery?

Preventing Cataracts

How To Keep Cataracts From Getting Worse

How Cataracts Affects Your Vision

Cataracts – The Basics

Facts About Cataracts

Common Symptoms of Cataracts

Cold Weather Injuries: How To Protect Your Child

Why Warming Up Helps You Avoid Injury

Tips To Avoid Injury During Winter Sports

Tips To Avoid An ACL Injury

Inspire Implant Helps Sleep Apnea Patients

Iowa City ASC Is The First In IA To Offer Inspire Therapy

ICASC Offers Cutting Edge Technology To Cataract Patients

Thomas Simpson, MD, FACS, Recognized Again

Iowa City ASC Blood Drive

Blue Cross Blue Shield Study Shows Consumers Save With Outpatient Care

Continuing Education Opportunity For Iowa City ASC

New Study Finds Billions In Savings Tied To ASCs

Voyance Announces National APEX Quality Award Winners

National Quality Award To Iowa City ASC

5 Nurses Pass The CNOR

Chairman Thomas Simpson, MD Recognized

APEX Quality Award To Iowa City ASC

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